Timberworks Inc.

Training/ Programs

Archeological Overview Assessment

Timberworks Inc. has developed a program that involves conducting, archeological, historic and ethnographic background research involving the review of readily available articles, reports, records & Maps. Liaising with the involved First Nations to ensure all archeological concerns are met and preparing the report including preliminary results and management recommendations for the project area.


Sampling Program

This project that was also developed will be a field surveying program with the goal of the operational – level forest harvest sampling program to provide a reliable estimate of timber volume harvested from a 5 year timber harvest plan area in the FMA.
We have employed 3 young members from Fort Resolution as forest operators that graduated from the Aurora College Forestry Operator Program in the Spring of 2015. They have been out in the areas of our FMA and working steadily throughout the summer and winter months this past year.

Training/ Programs

  • Bear Awareness/ Wilderness Program
  • Youth Employment Program
  • Small Community Employment Support
  • Community Clean-up