Timberworks Inc.

Today’s Forest – Tomorrow’s Future
Mission Statement
Our mission is to put into action land steward forestry activities and programs focusing on social, ecological and economic values of our stake holders while committing to building our shareholder value.
Vision Statement
We are innovative leaders in sustainable forest management and through continuous improvement committed to being efficient, professional and profitable while balancing values of our shareholders.
Our Logo
The winner of the logo contest was chosen around the first part of February. It was chosen by our board members as there were other entries. They would go through each logo and had a vote on whether it should represent Timberworks. Kelly Boucher was chosen as the winner and had received a cheque for her work that incorporates the use of the metis infinite design as well as some of the DKFN elements.

Meet Our Amazing Team


Vacant – Administration & Finance manager
Robert Anderson – General Manager
Dexter Lafferty – Sampling Program
Tyler Delorme – Sampling Program
Jonathan Delorme – Sampling Program

The Board of Directors

Robert Sayine (Chair)
Harry Clarke
Wilfred Beaulieu
Warren Delorme
Dave Pierrot